To get the best support please send an email to us; All queries will be answered through e-mail.


Can I buy only one add-in?

Please Contact our sales team for more details.

Can I purchase ChartExpo for SSRS with support?

ChartExpo for SSRS licensing (Paid Version) comes with the support. Which means you don’t have to spend hard earn cash on huge support bills.

Can I purchase ChartExpo for SSRS under custom license terms and conditions?

Yes, we do offer Custom Licensing. Please contact our sales team for more details.

How Can I purchase ChartExpo for SSRS?

You can place an order over the phone or email. Where our sales team is more than happy to assist you with the best offer available to you.

Can I purchase ChartExpo for SSRS using Credit Card?

No. You can pay with a check or a bank wire transfer.

After purchase how long do I have to wait before I can start using ChartExpo for SSRS?

Almost instantly, once the transaction is processed by our sales team, you will be sent confirmation emails.

If you don't receive your license details within 24 hours, or if you need any assistance with the ordering process, please contact our support team.

How ChartExpo for SSRS will be delivered?

All BI Add-ins are delivered as ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) via e-mail.

Do you provide a demo / trial version of the products?

Yes, we offer trial versions for all our BI Add-ins. You can download the trial version from the Downloads page.

Can I try ChartExpo for SSRS before I download?

Yes, Why not try our Live Demo and explore various Features before downloading ChartExpo.


Can you send me custom Quote?

Yes, Contact our Sales team for Best Quote tailored as per your requirements.

If I am using the software on a commercial company's intranet, does it require a License?

Yes, for this you need a license to install and use the software on commercial company's intranet.

Where can I renew my support and subscriptions?

Please Contact our sales team for more details.


What Options do I have for feeding data into ChartExpo for SSRS?

ChartExpo handle multiple sources and supported various formats. Check out our documentation and the article about data.

Can I get customizable charts added into ChartExpo for SSRS?

Yes, we can provide you with any type of chart you would like to add into ChartExpo for SSRS. Please contact with Sales team with your requirements.

Does ChartExpo for SSRS store my data?

Not at all, we never store your data and it never stays in our servers from start to finish.

How do you provide support for your products?

We provide dedicated technical support helpline 24/7 via phone and email.

Do you offer your products through resellers or distributors?

No, to transfer all benefit and offer the best deals, we cut the middleman. If you would like to place an order please contact Sales team for more information.


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