About us

What is ChartExpo for SSRS?

ChartExpo for SSRS is an easy-to-use, highly responsive and creative visualization library for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that enables users to make useful and interactive visual representations of an advanced report item. ChartExpo for SSRS turns your reporting data into a self-explanatory picture, a fully representing data landscape. ChartExpo for SSRS delivers highly customizable charting solution that instantly makes sense and goes far beyond your basic line, bar and pie charts. Unlike other SSRS user interfaces (UI), ChartExpo for SSRS is very crucial and far-reaching report visualization tool to reveal customer sentiment, consumer trends, hidden product concerns or service issues for Business Intelligence, Scientific, social media engagement, Presentation, call center data, chat, return feedback, survey responses and more general purpose reports and key strategic business decision making.

Why we created ChartExpo for SSRS?

Currently SSRS visualization library offer very little and constraining users to same old bar charts, line charts and pie charts visuals lacking the instant story telling potential a well-designed chart can achieve. Instead, ChartExpo for SSRS delivers visuals that tell the story instantaneously so your audience doesn’t have to struggle to interpret the data, but instead they understand it at first sight. ChartExpo for SSRS is designed to fill the visionary gap we saw in the visualization libraries. ChartExpo for SSRS offers an absolute reporting environment, superior customer experience (CX) and endows customers to see, interact and manipulate their data to pinpoint and illustrate the real meaning in their information leading to effective business planning. As opposed to the user experience, so called being designed for you and you having to look at your data through an imposed and dictated manner with limited scope of vision, functionality to maneuver and not able to report the way you want.

How does ChartExpo for SSRS Work?

ChartExpo for SSRS seamlessly integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 (SQL 2012 SSDT & SSDT-BI for VS2012). ChartExpo for SSRS provides users with a data visualization tool box that goes beyond basic reporting and offers a broader choice of visualizations compared to other libraries. ChartExpo for SSRS let you research, dig deep into specific problem areas, visualize trends and glitches and fuse all into a creative chart that will help you drive product enhancement and consumer trend alignment. You are now able to do all of this through our flexible user-interface and with the help of integrated algorithms and custom visualizations.
We also provide the service to create custom charts.

How our Customers use ChartExpo for SSRS?

Microsoft SQL Server reporting services (SSRS) like data interface offers greater convenience for current users. ChartExpo for SSRS is built on the 5 Es principles – Its interface is efficient, effective, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn. ChartExpo for SSRS, is the next generation of data visualization. ChartExpo for SSRS effortlessly integrates with SSRS and enables users to generate advance reports quickly and easily. As seasoned data-science professionals, we developed ChartExpo for SSRS to help other big data and business intelligence professionals’ better analyze, illustrate and report their hard work.
ChartExpo for SSRS is loaded with multi characteristics of usability to offer greater satisfaction to use, easy to operate and takes less time to accomplish daily tasks.